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Open Laboratory

At our Open Laboratory we can show you what the Cold Spray technique is capable of during a two-hour demonstration. Tests can be conducted using both the Low Pressure and High Pressure techniques, which are both in operation there. Register now for a demonstration

Key Benefits

  • No heat input
  • Numerous applications
  • Ready to spray within 10 seconds
  • Pre-treatment often unnecessary
  • Directly ready for finishing


Cold Spray: metal spraying made easy!
Cold Spray equipment sprays metal powder particles onto the workpiece in a cold, solid form at an enormous velocity. The unfavourable effects of heat, such as structural changes to the substrate are no longer an issue. The workpiece and the coating material both remain relatively cold (Cold Spray). The application ultimately determines which
Cold Spray machine is most appropriate.
At our Open Laboratory we can demonstrate the various techniques. Dycomet Europe BV can offer everything that is currently possible using the different Cold Spray variants.
Cold Spray is innovative and unique, and the technology is leading to ever new areas of application, which are often discovered while working collaboratively with companies and universities. Many companies have already laid down their challenges to Dycomet Europe.

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No heat input

Ready to spray within 10 seconds

Pre-treatment often unnecessary


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