Dycomet Europe BV is a young company based in the Netherlands, which has, since 2006, been  fully engaged in the development and marketing of Cold Spray technology. In the field of Low Pressure Cold Spray Dycomet Europe BV fulfils a leading role in Europe.

Cold Spray is a relatively new method of surface treatment and is assigned to the thermal spray processes. Dycomet Europe BV strives to further develop this innovative technology into a widely accepted technique for a wide range of applications. To achieve this Dycomet is investing in research, in-house, but also in cooperation with customers, research institutes and universities.

The main activities of Dycomet Europe BV are therefore:

- Research into new applications

- Developing new coatings

- The marketing of existing processes and equipment

- Technical Advice for Cold Spray

Due to the growing interest in Cold Spray Dycomet Europe BV is, for expansion of business and to serve the market even better, looking for dealers with a passion for new and innovative coating techniques. For more information, please contact Mr. K. Rozema, through info@dycomet.nl



All benefitsKey benefits A list of some benefits

  • No heat input
  • Countless applications
  • Ready to spray within 10 seconds
  • Pre-treatment often unnecessary
  • Immediately ready for finishing
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Excellent heat conductivity
  • Porosity till 0%
  • Excellent adhesion

All key benefits

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