1. Repairs

Restoration and overhaul of damaged steel and cast-iron items, automotive, engine and machinery components, and certain dies and moulds.
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2. Coatings

Low coating porosity and gas permeability make it possible to use this technology to seal leaks (liquid and gaseous) and porous surfaces.
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3. Conductivity

Applying highly conductive coatings such as aluminium or copper, that also bond excellently to metals and ceramics, provides numerous applications in the field of electrical and electronic components.
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4. Corrosion Protection

Dymet anti-corrosion coatings use aluminium, zinc or nickel. The excellent corrosion-resistant properties of Cold Spray coatings at low and high temperatures are further enhanced by the option to create coats in varying thicknesses.
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Other Applications

There are countless other applications. For example, corrosion protection, decoration, gas turbine work, etc. Please contact us to explore new applications together!
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The Netherlands

Phone: +31 566 650 240
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e-mail: info@dycomet.nl

All benefitsKey benefits A list of some benefits

  • No heat input
  • Countless applications
  • Ready to spray within 10 seconds
  • Pre-treatment often unnecessary
  • Immediately ready for finishing
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Excellent heat conductivity
  • Porosity till 0%
  • Excellent adhesion

All key benefits

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