Cold Metal


This Cold Metal Spray technology is unique. We have been discovering new applications virtually every month - often in partnership with companies coming to us with their challenges. We then investigate the options available and often achieve astonishing results.


Cold Spray is a technique that blasts the work piece with cold, solid-state, high-velocity metallic particles. Depending on the situation, it is even possible to make temporary or permanent repairs where it would otherwise cost too much and/or take too long to replace the part. The usual detrimental effects caused by heat, such as stresses and strains, are thus eliminated. The technique is not based on the old, 'melt-solidification principle', but at supersonic speeds without melting process.

The technique is unique and innovative and has two variants:

  • Low Pressure Cold Spray
  • High Pressure Cold Spray
  • Since 2006 Dycomet is the sole supplier for the European market for the Low Pressure technology. The High Pressure technique has broader applications and is therefore a logical continuation of the Low Pressure variant. High Pressure provides a large demand from the aerospace, marine, automotive and electronics.

    In an Open Laboratory, both the Low Pressure and High Pressure technique are in operation and tests can be done

    All benefitsKey benefits A list of some benefits

    • No heat input
    • Countless applications
    • Ready to spray within 10 seconds
    • Pre-treatment often unnecessary
    • Immediately ready for finishing
    • Excellent electrical conductivity
    • Excellent heat conductivity
    • Porosity till 0%
    • Excellent adhesion

    All key benefits

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