Unique and innovative, with a wide range of uses

Cold spray is particularly suitable for applying electrically conductive layers. The properties of a Cold Spray layer are similar to those of the bulk material.

Applications include:

⦁ Applying copper to aluminium busbars.
⦁ Applying a silver layer to flexible copper bands for high-current applications(very localised application is possible unlike with electroplating, which often requires several sides of the component to be silver plated).
⦁ Applying a silver layer using Cold Spray is a relatively simple technique which can easily be integrated into in-house manufacturing processes, increasing production flexibility and the eliminating waiting times commonly associated with outsourcing.
⦁ Electromagnetic shielding
⦁ Electrical substation component (the part is used in an electrical substation where it transmits very high currents). These parts were previously milled     from a solid blocks of copper. This application of Cold Spray has significantly reduced copper consumption and makes the part much lighter and cheaper.


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