Does it get hot?
It does not get any hotter than can be handheld, i.e. the work piece is no subjected to any heat-related effects.

How does it work?
Metallic powder particles are blasted on to the surface of the work piece at high speed and bond with the surface structure of the work piece as a result of their high velocity (up to 600 m/s), i.e. their kinetic energy.

What materials can be sprayed?
All metals, glass and ceramics.

What metals can be used as coatings?
Copper, zinc, nickel, tin, aluminium, platinum and Babbitt.

What are the applications?

  • Repairing all kinds of machinery and automotive components that have been damaged as a result of wear
  • Applying corrosion-resistant coatings
  • Applying conductive coatings

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All benefitsKey benefits A list of some benefits

  • No heat input
  • Countless applications
  • Ready to spray within 10 seconds
  • Pre-treatment often unnecessary
  • Immediately ready for finishing
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Excellent heat conductivity
  • Porosity till 0%
  • Excellent adhesion

All key benefits

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